Functional Wellness Coaching and Specific Upper Cervical Care Arlington TX

Welcome to Healistic Wellness Center in Arlington. Wellness is one of the fastest-growing segments of healthcare. Craniocervical Correction (Upper Cervical Care in Arlington) is also one of the most important aspects of achieving optimal health. We offer both! By combining our Health Coaching to Optimal Wellness with Craniocervical Corrective care, we have seen tremendous results. Because everyone is different, a customized care plan and curriculum is always our objective in helping to get your life back

Healistic Wellness Center

Our mission is to empower those willing to commit to renewed health. To activate their own God-given natural ability of self-healing, by obtaining the knowledge and inspiration needed to restore optimum function.

Once you have decided to engage with us in one of our lifestyle change programs, or in one of our craniocervicalCorrective care plans, an extensive evaluation process begins. Whether it is via telephone, the internet or in our clinic, we will learn about your goals and discuss how we might help you to reach your destination, whatever that is.


You Receive a Comprehensive Initial Consultation


Examination Is Performed And Diagnostic Tests Are Ordered


Exam And Test Results Are Reviewed And Plan Recommended


A Natural And Conservative Approach Is Taken


You Enjoy A Healthy, High-Quality Life

  • How Can Functional Wellness and Upper Cervical Care Help You?

    Functional Wellness is one of the fastest-growing segments of health care. Supporting the actual root cause of body dysfunction has proven to be very successful in helping people get well, even when they've been told they will "just have to live with it." Most people are also under the impression that Upper Cervical Chiropractic is only for neck and back pain. This is a common misconception. In our clinic, specific upper cervical or 'craniocervical' junction corrections are extremely effective with issues such as migraine headaches, vertigo, facial pain, chronic pain syndromes, and other very difficult cases. Because of the location of this region of the spine, near the body's regulation center (brain stem), making subtle changes without popping or twisting of any kind is often the missing piece to most health issues. Always remember the body is self-healing.

  • How We Are Different

    When it comes to regaining your health, no two people are exactly the same. Careful investigation into your particular needs is always the first step. It's never a 'one size fits all' approach. Your desired destination and goals are first identified and then we dive deep into what it will take to get you there. Rather than tell you what to do, we teach you the how's and why's to empower you to 'own' your health and be proactive and truly take control. No one can ever take that away from you! For those that are not in our geographic location, our virtual curriculum and personalized mentorship is still accessible and doesn't require multiple visits to our clinic to get lasting results.

  • What Does Engaging With Us Look Like?

    In order to become a practice member at The Healistic Wellness Center, it all begins with a Discovery Call or an in-person consultation. Once we have determined that you are ready for a change and genuinely want to move forward, a detailed application questionnaire is given to you for completion. This is the starting point of determining if we can make a difference in your life. If we feel that we are not able to help you, that will be shared. However, if we do see that we are able to get you where you want to be regarding your health, recommendations will be given and options explained. We are not a fee per service clinic. It will require a reasonable time commitment and financial commitment. Our fees are usually all-inclusive and always discussed before any type of care plan is started. Whether you are simply not healthy and tired of feeling bad, or you are seeking specific changes in your nervous system through upper cervical care, we are the leader you're looking for. Over 30 years of experience, service results gives us the advantage you're seeking.